<VV> Vendor Appreciation?

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Thanks for your eloquent description on a topic that can have a very wide range of interpretation.

I feel that we are very fortunate to have a really competent group of vendors to support our hobby.

Rather than focus on bashing, the best way to pay respect to a vendor is not only to award them with your business; but to share the "good news" when things go well with the product and services that they have provided for you.

Regards, Garth

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My cut on "Vendor Bashing" may be a little different than how it has been  
mentioned. (Disclaimer - I am a Corvair Parts vendor via Silicone Wire  Systems) 
 I think vendor bashing might refer more to one vendor railing on  another 
vendor. The phrase:
"No vendor bashing.  If you have a great product, say why yours is  great.  
Personal attacks are expressly forbidden."
Seems more like the restriction of bashing "FROM" vendors, rather than  "OF" 
vendors, except adding the verbal bashing of the actual operating  person. 
That actual wording was phrased that way because of certain prior  occurances. 
The whole point was to urge vendors to say how "good" their parts  are - Not how 
much "better" they are than someone elses. That kind of comparison  
invariably leads to denegrating the products provided by another. I personally  believe 
that this is an extension of the trait of some people to feel that  the only 
way they can feel big is to make other people feel small.  It  is trait common 
to bullies around the world. I can understand that  some feel frustrated - 
and if there was a way for them to voice it  appropriately, I'm all for it! 
Unless it drags down the level of discussion on  Virtual Vairs and clogs up the 
E-mail  of hundreds. Then it has to stop. 
Seth  Emerson
Sethracer at aol.com
C's the day! Corvair, Camaro,  Corvette
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