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Tim Verthein minoxphotographer at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 23 11:59:30 EDT 2005

Well, here in good ol' MInnesota, any station/faciility that changes
oil HAS to accept your USED oil at no charge. So we generally save used
oil in a big ol' 5 gallon metal drum that has a tight fitting lid, and
once it gets full we truck it on down to the local BP station and dump
it in their used oil tank.

That said, being users of synthetic oil, we only change it once a year.
 But when you multiply that by 7 cars, it ads up.  However, we only
change our own oil in the "Cool" cars, the Edsel and the Corvair, and
anything odd that Ryan might have going at the moment (over the last
year that included a '51 and '49 Chevy). But generally takes us 2-3
years to save up 5 gallons of used oil.  For our "normal" cars I take
'em to the quick lube outfit (where they install Amsoil) 'cause getting
dirty, getting rid of old oil, rolling around on the ground, just ain't
as much fun under a Windstar or a Taurus wagon, as it is under a

I have no clue if you can dump it in your fuel oil, but seems like a
yuckey proposition to me...dumping dirty, used, contaminated oil in my
furnace wouldn't sound like a good idea.

Tim in Bovey

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