<VV> New Garage - Lighting

John Beck jb30343 at navix.net
Sun Oct 23 13:39:55 EDT 2005

I agree too, and I'll add an additional tip.  Mixing a little bit of
incandescent light with your flo's can give you a big boost in CRI.  In
a garage as big as yours, I would consider a low level of base lighting
for the whole garage and task lighting in each work area.  I'd probably
use a mix of flo's and incandescent.  --J.B.

Rad Davis wrote:
> I agree completely with Kent about getting some high-index
> fluorescents.  You get a lot of eye fatigue from cool white flouros, and
> even more from mercury vapor and sodium.  If you're feeling really poor,
> you can mix soft white and cool white fluorescent tubes in the same
> fixture.  It looks odd, but throws a more balanced light.  The high-index
> tubes are my choice, though, and they're not so much more expensive that
> you'll break the bank on them.

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