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Ken Campbell deltainc at grm.net
Sun Oct 23 14:00:01 EDT 2005

Consider also putting in at least the provisions for a bathroom ... or at
least a half-bath ... your wife will need to cast her vote on this (g) ..
but I know there will be a refrigerator showing up real soon , and this
leads to a necessaries room (g) ..... so at least put in the plumbing basics
before you pour the concrete.
Besides, the mini hot water heater in the bathroom keeps it a little warmer
in the winter, and later we added a shower stall and a large plastic 2 tub
sink ...   NOT tracking grease into the house is *good* also good is coming
in after 17 hours of putting cars together ... but in clean clothes and
smelling of Old Spice gains points with your housekeeper.
Also, you will be needing an air compressor, they will drive you nuts with
the noise, so plan on a sound-proof room to stick that in ... we use 2 inch
stryofoam insulation both for wall lo-loss and sound insulation ...
Also, in keeping with high ceilings for now ( bet you will lower them later
.... except over your hydraulic hoist, of course ...) ... consider making a
work space, say 45 x 30, with non-permanent partitions ... such as a light
frame with multiple plastic sheets for walls and ceiling, lag-screw-tacked
into the horizontal ceiling beam runners, so you can move the whole
partition in 15 minutes ... then you can heat or air condition this area
with a pretty small and portable unit, and yet open it for a new project.
Also, put in a main breaker box ( service box ) about 6 times bigger than
you would ever think you need ... these are pretty expensive, for say a 24
breaker box new, but you can ( depending on your zoning .... er ...
recommendations .... ) get them used for under a hundred bucks ... oh, make
sure the box takes currently readily available breakers , check with your
electrical supply ... you don[t need to run the wiring all now, but once
your main service is hooked up, it[s a hassle to put in new or additional
breaker boxes.
Also, if you have 3 phase available, now is the time to consider that ...
first ask what the rate is, some utility co charge a premium for "power
units" , figuring you have it, they want it $$$.   3 phase is mostly good
for starting large horsepower motors, such as your air compressor ( did I
mention your air compressor should be about 4 times bigger than what you
think you might need ... a 5 to 10 horse rig might be about right, even if
you have to buy a used one ...  ) or a nice metal lathe ( 3 or 5 horses ) ;
if 3 phase is not available or you don[t want to mess with it, or pay for it
... the little local converters work pretty well.
Hope you don't mind all this advice, garages and workshops are a  guy thing,
I think ... almost like a toy, in some respects ... heh heh ....

reargards, ken campbell, in his work shop in Iowuh

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