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RKHenry robert.henry at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 23 17:59:10 EDT 2005

> Like many of you, I change my own engine oil. But what do you do with the
> old oil? I used to put it out in the trash, as our county has a Trash to
> Steam incinerator, but now I take it to my local State car inspection
> station that has a waste oil heating set-up. Now with heating oil at
> $2.50/gal., I'm thinking of blending it with MY heating oil, but at what
> ratio?
> Adding a gallon of used (strained) engine oil to a full tank of heating
> oil is less than .5%. Anyone try this? Results? Bad idea?

I used to add it to my fuel oil tank. I remember reading that the EPA
considered that a legal reuse of old oil. I can't do that anymore now that
I've switched to heating with natural gas since fuel oil is no longer

However, here there's a simple solution: The city has streetside recycling.
Just put the oil in a container marked "Used Oil" and set it in the recycle
bin out at the street on trash day. When the recycle truck comes, they pour
the oil into a tank on their truck and set the container back in the empty
recycle bin. I assume they sell the oil to a recycler.

RK Henry

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