<VV> New Garage - Lighting

Kirby Smith kirbyasmith at gwi.net
Sun Oct 23 19:46:00 EDT 2005

If this is an attached garage, I recommend you check the BOCA code for 
garage requirements.  I have heard that now-a-days 5/8-inch firecode 
sheetrock is required over all combustible surfaces.  Your building 
inspector should be able to advise you.


dcvjrv at comcast.net wrote:
> Rad,
> I plan on covering the floor with an epoxy paint of some sort as soon as 
> it cures.
> The walls will be covered with sheetrock for the first four feet, the 
> plywood for the
> next four feet, and finally the rest will again be sheetrock.  At least 
> that is the current
> planning.  The walls will be painted white.

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