<VV> Palm Springs Weekend

Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Mon Oct 24 02:46:01 EDT 2005

This coming weekend is the Great Western Swap Meet and Fan Belt Toss. I  plan 
to be there selling Corvair stuff. Boy, do I have "stuff"! I don't  normally 
vend my Ignition Wire sets there, and I won't be this time.  But  If you need 
a set of wires and will be attending, send me an E-mail  ahead of time (say, 
by Wednesday?) and I will bring them with me to Palm Springs  for you.  Okay - 
You guys can go back to heating your non-California  garages!  
Seth Emerson
Silicone Wire Systems
_www.siliconewire.com_ (http://www.siliconewire.com) 

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