<VV> Archive sorted into technical categories and mostly complete. Post counts contained within.

Joe West joew at diveaz.com
Mon Oct 24 10:25:30 EDT 2005

Hi Gang,

Just a quick note to let you know that the majority of the quarter of a
million posts on virtual vairs have now been sorted into technical
categories that correspond to the Corvair shop manual.

With the help of of the moderators who signed on... we'll continue to refine
the technical forums to ensure that when you are looking for technical data
on a specific topic; you can find it.

A few notes on the breakdown (so far) of the posts from virtual vairs:

Off topic (marked or not); 93,700
General Corvair; 23,000
General Information and lubrication; 9,146
Front suspension; 1,600
Rear axle and rear suspension; 3,116
Brakes; 3,727
Engine; 33,735
Transmission, Clutch and controls; 5,200
Fuel tank and exhaust; 2,106
Steering; 1,423
Wheels and tires; 4,259
Sheet metal and body; 2,952
Chassis electrical; 4,874
bumpers; 189
Heater and accessories; 2,376
Interior and glass; 5,181
Paint, undercoating, and prep; 2749

There are many other posts in forums such as racing, early models, late
models, convertibles etc... and... amazingly enough, the post count for
Early vs. late is:

Early models; 5,449
Late models; 6,841

The thing I found the most surprising (or perhaps not) is that roughly 1/3
of the posts sent to virtual vairs are off-topic (on average) and the VAST
majority are not marked as off-topic.

I'd like to offer a big thanks to my moderator team for assisting in sorting
this data.  

I hope the group, and the Corvair community in general, finds this useful.

Kind Regards,

Joe West

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