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Got your note and pictures of this car. Something caught my eye, though,
about the statements around '64 deck lids and the use of round stud with
nuts letters and flat pin letters that push in and the deck lids that
accept them. Were you using the term trunk lid and deck lid interchangeably
in your note below?

"The trunk lid has no C.O.R.V.A.I.R. letters, but again, this may represent
prior repair work.  For those of you who do not know 1964s, there was a
mid-year change in Trunk lids (I don't know the exact date of the change).
The earlier lids used letters that pressed into clips, just like on the
engine deck lid, and had a solid underside.  Apparently this design caused
water to be trapped and early rust to from, so the design was changed to
letters with round studs that slipped into round holes.  The deck lid then
has access holes on the underside to allow nuts to be attached to the
letter studs.  I can take pictures of these differences at some other

I am not sure what the intended meaning is, but if you weren't, I know of
no '64 deck lids that used round pin with attaching nuts designs just trunk
lids as you began to note.

One change though, of note that I have seen with '64 deck lids: there was
some sort of change made with '64 deck lids in the underside venting.
Somewhere between late November 1963 and early April 1964 cars, the eight
ovals holes found on the underside of the rear edge of the deck lid (four
of each found on the right and left of the deck lid spring) were changed to
only have two (one only to the right and left of the spring). My Spyder (a
late November car) has all eight holes. My sedan, a early April car, has
only two and my 500 coupe (a late week of July/last week of '64 model
production) also has two holes (the stamping for the eight holes are still
their, just not pierced through on six of them). This is an assumption on
my part, but the eight holes might have been their to provide adequate
draining of water through the deck lid to prevent rusting on the inside.
But, (this presented as a possibility) it was also found that the eight
holes let too much cool air out of the top access vents of the deck lid
engine cooling, robbing the engine of some much needed air. Maybe that is
why it was switched to two holes to reduce cool air loss. Any other '64
owners see similar difference in holes in the deck lid?

SCG Historian

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