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Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Oct 24 23:25:48 EDT 2005

Just to add to this problem, the tumblers in a glove box lock are not 
the same ones used in Briggs & Stratton ( the lock supplier to GM!) 
door, trunk and ignition locks.  The familiar door, trunk and ignition 
locks use the flat "F" looking tumblers with the groove at different 
heights for the four different key cut heights on keys until 1966. 1967 
brought 5 different key heights. There are 6 tumblers in these locks. 
Maybe I should say they are little "h" looking.

Anyway, the glove box locks have a smaller cylinder, and the tumblers 
are unique to glove box locks as far as I have seen. These tumblers are 
oval, with the key going through the center hole. If you can get it 
apart, and right now I don't remember how I did it long time ago, you 
rekey the cylinder by inserting the new key and filing the tumbers 
sticking out flat. This applies more to new cylinders that have never 
been keyed, but should work on used also, just not all 6 tumblers will 
provide a locking point. Later model GM glove box locks (70's) seem to 
come apart with a key.

No key? Keep trying club member's keys. Someone should have saved a lot 
of keys. I keep a large ring of each style key for picking locks. 
Sometimes it works. Especially worn ignition locks.

Frank DuVal

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