<VV> nincompoopitous

mhicks130 at cox.net mhicks130 at cox.net
Wed Oct 26 21:48:57 EDT 2005

I don't know anyone better to share my nincompoopitous with than you guys so here goes..

I bought a engine compartment light off ebay cheap and it arrived today.  It looked pretty used so I was skeptical about it working but I gave it a try.  I actually had the right bulb handy so I popped it in and hooked up the light to a battery.  Nothin.  I was ready to toss it until I slowly remembered that it has a mercury switch and when I tilted it, it worked!!  Yay.  What a nincompoop I am.  But I have a light that works for cheap.  With a little Dremel wire brush action it actually looks good now too.


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