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Thu Oct 27 11:55:43 EDT 2005

Chevrolet made hundreds of improvements to the Corvair between 60 and 66; 
that's the "D" part of R&D: "development". GMs Corvair development slowed to a 
crawl after '66, not because of a lack of new ideas or places that could be 
improved. There were many things they wanted to do, but because of changes in the 
market, GM to stopped developing the Corvair.

It's a mission of CORSA to keep the Corvair alive.  I can think of four paths 
to keeping the Corvair alive: Preservation, Modification, Use, and 
Cultivation of new owners.  

Integrating stillborn GM ideas, integrating things that have been discovered 
or developed in the last 40 years, and designing new solutions all fall into 
the categories of Modification, Use and Cultivating new owners (the percentage 
of them who have an interest other than preservation).  While there is the 
need to preserve a significant number of these cars in original configuration, 
there's also the need to satisfy the needs and curiosities of many Corvair 
enthusiasts.  Wouldn't rejecting new development go against the goal of keeping the 
Corvair alive? Thoughts?

C. Nicol

1) What the manufacturer did was the best solution and any changes are 
2) What the manufacturer did was a compromise and can be improved upon
3) What the manufacturer did was totally incompetent and useless without 
drastic changes.

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