Humor - Re: <VV> flock, gaggle, litter, our clutch?

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With only a few exceptions, it seems that each term is unique to each

That being the case, I suggest a Conspiracy of Corvairs.


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>What would be the correct name for a group of our favorite cars? Flock,
>gaggle, murder, clutch, and parliament all refer to different feathered
>creatures... litter, den, warren all refer to different fuzzy critters...
>what would be a
>good name for a group of 'vairs?
>Just wondering....


Perhaps you can find something suitable here:

    * A nest of adders
    * A colony or army of ants
    * A cete of badgers
    * A colony of bats
    * An army of caterpillars
    * A clowder of cats
    * A flock of chickens
    * A clutch or peep of chicks
    * A bed of clams
    * A murder of crows
    * A herd of deer
    * A covey of doves
    * A raft of ducks
    * A gang of elk
    * A business of ferrets
    * A school of fish
    * A flamboyance of flamingos
    * A gaggle of geese (on the ground)
    * A skein of geese (in flight)
    * A cloud of gnats
    * A band of gorillas
    * An array of hedgehogs
    * A brood of hens
    * A charm of hummingbirds
    * A party of jays
    * A mob of kangaroos
    * A kindle of kittens
    * An exaltation of larks
    * A leap of leopards
    * An infestation of lice
    * A pride of lions
    * A plague of locusts
    * A mischief of mice
    * A troop of monkeys
    * A swarm of mosquito
    * A parliament or study of owls
    * A drive of oxen
    * A bed of oysters
    * A pandemonium of parrots
    * An ostentation of peacocks
    * A rookery of penguins
    * A prickle of porcupines
    * A town of Prairie dogs
    * A litter of pups
    * A conspiracy of ravens
    * A crash of rhinoceroses
    * A flight of seagulls
    * A school or shiver of sharks
    * A flock of sheep
    * A wisp of snipe
    * A gang of weasel
    * A pod of whales
    * A pack of wolves
    * A herd or crossing of zebra
Leaping Leopards!    :)


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