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There's another HUGE advantage. Electronic ignitions can belt out a LOT  more 
ignition energy without worrying about frying points, and all the other  
problems associated with breaker point ignition. 
Also, most electronic ignitions run constant dwell time, meaning you get  
perfect or near perfect coil saturation at all engine speeds. And then you can  
design for VERY fast rise times, etc. 
When I did my first HEI conversion on my 65 turbo, I NEVER had misfires,  
point float, and all the other headaches and inadequacies of the stock  ignition 
EVER AGAIN. In fact, the thing packed so much energy, you could  actually hear 
the ignition firing in the engine compartment at idle. I suspect  the sound 
came from the open core coil assembly and from inside the cap, from  the rotor 
to cap terminal discharge. Never heard that sound from a breaker  point 
And wow, for the first time, I had a nearly maintenance free ignition,  
whereas before I was changing plugs monthly to keep the thing from  misfiring... 
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There  are several reasons that all of the car manufacturers changed  from  
point actuated ignitions to electronic based distributors, then  eventually  
distributorless electronic ignition systems. First was  the advent of Smog  
regulations. The creeping car warrantees of the  late 60's and eventually,  
ignition system performance required  to meet the Smog Rules, mandated a  
change to a 
better performing,  longer interval-between-maintenance system across  the 
lines.  With initial toes in the water of transistor based systems, like  the 
Corvette and a few others, for GM, that ended up as the HEI   distributors. 
Those were designed to meet the 50,000 mile smog  warrantees. (Two  other 

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