<VV> Red Monza 37 today

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Fri Oct 28 13:42:04 EDT 2005

Today is Friday, Oct 28th.

The red '69 Monza in the [your description of Corvair collection 
here] was built on this day, shortly before lunchtime on Friday Oct 
28th, 1968.   It was one of ~48 Corvairs that were assembled on the 
regular Corvair line that day, before the line shut down at the end 
of the shift, with the tooling being removed and taken to the "ad 
hoc" facility which had been a temporary site for building concept 
cars and show vehicles, where Corvair production was restarted again 
a month later to continue until the following May.

The Corvairs built on the "regular" line were sometimes regarded as 
being a bit better built than the cars assembled at the ad-hoc 
facility, according to scuttlebutt.    The red Monza seemed to be as 
well built as any other earlier production late Corvair I've fooled 
around with.

Humm...   built just before lunch... on a Friday... last day of the 
week... and last work day of the month, for another month, in this 

What better chance to get a Corvair that's just thrown together via a 
boatload of shortcuts and "that'll do" assembly?   If any Corvair 
would suffer build quality, this one would/should have.   However, it 

This is also the same car that got t-boned at an intersection and 
knocked to Hell and back (and me with it), and "totaled" by the 
insurance company.   We kept the car and since then, it's been beat 
and pulled and twisted and tweaked a bit and made runable/driveable 
again and windshield and backlite and RR quarter window replaced (all 
broken in the accident), and is currently in storage awaiting a BUNCH 
of cosmetic sheet metal work, which it's eventually gonna 
get.    Hey, it's a '69 Monza...

Still looks like Hell but it's eventually gonna get  better.


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