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Louis C. Armer,Jr. carmerjr at mindspring.com
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Hmmmmmmm A bouncy distributor........Would that be a .......Trampoline
or a Bungie cord ??? <GGG> Contacts not allowed !!!

At 11:55 AM 10/28/2005, you wrote:
>Wow, the last digest is a "keeper"!  Posts covered all kinds of background
>about the early improvements to the basic point and coil system. I 
>never put it
>all together- cool.  A couple of other thoughts: In the early 60s GM high
>performance engines that were expected to rev got a dual-point distributor,
>effectively cutting the points opening and closing frequency in 
>half.  I think GM
>didn't mind point bounce in regular cars since it acts as 
>rev-limiter and 99% of
>their production would be protected and didn't need to go there anyway. Note
>that GM made the Turbo Corvairs boost-limit at a relatively low rpm too.
>I recently acquired a distributor machine and I have tested 4-5 Corvair
>distributors.  Most of them begin to suffer from point bounce over 
>4000 rpm.  The
>one that's currently on the machine starts to bounce above 3500.  Makes me
>Craig Nicol

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