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Dennis & Debbie Pleau ddpleau at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 29 10:24:47 EDT 2005

I drive my 66 110 for sustained periods of time on the interstate every 
morning at a little over 4000 (75 mph speed limit, 80+ mph traffic flow at 
5:30 am).  My Pertronics works fine at that speed.


At 06:57 PM 10/28/2005, Tony Underwood wrote:

>I had (still have, just not as many) a batch of Delco points that I've 
>been using up, and they worked up to 6000 rpm in the Spyder and the 140hp 
>ragtop, which also floats valves at ~6000.   But the Spyder would pull up 
>through 6 grand with nary a misfire although I was really leery of pushing 
>it past that point.
>It hasn't been my experience that the "good" Delco points would bounce at 
>4000 rpm.   Hell, cruising at 70 on the Interstate with short radial 
>tires, the '60 4-door's engine is buzzing around 4100 rpm (dreamwheeled 
>figure considering tire circumference and gear ratio) and it still would 
>go up to 85 mph if I really pushed it, before the valves would float, and 
>you know it when the valves float.   Clatter.  And *that* engine runs the 
>old style points with the long arm, albeit also Delco manufacture.   Got 
>several more sets of those as well, still in the cute little Delco "spam 
>can" boxes.
>The 140 hp engine in the ragtop floated valves, as mentioned, at around 
>6000 rpm (with the big valve heads which admittedly had fresh springs, 
>currently has 95 hp heads on it) and it got  *real* noisy as well when it 
>happened, shuts down right now when it does, along with the racket; 
>something I really try to avoid.   I've kissed a piston with an intake 
>valve before, can cause grief.
>I wouldn't be surprised if aftermarket points would indeed float at less 
>than 5 grand.

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