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Sat Oct 29 20:49:26 EDT 2005

Warren wrote
>     Because I'm not right in the head, I'm considering going to Rantoul
> in Illinois this Saturday. It's a two day event, but I'll only be
> Saturday.
>   I haven't autocrossed my Stinger in almost two years. So, yesterday, I
> removed the double close track gearbox and replaced it with an autocross
> transmission.

Warren may not have been right in the head,  And the Stinger was not
preforming optimally for him during his heat,  but he still kicked my butt.
Warren and I ran the second heat.   Michael ran the red Stinger in the first
heat with all the Vettes, Porsches, 350Z and the rest of the fast crowd.

I'm used to being beat by them,  I'm not a ace driver nor is the #3 car
prepped for autocross.  But it was my lucky day,  Warren and Michael Leveque
were in town.  That made it a winning day in my book.  Joe Robbins even
drove his 65 convertible to cheer for us.  And the weather was nice.  sunny
in th elow to mid 60s.  the breeze did send a chill through you if you
weren't prepared.
My poor driving left me facing the wrong direction on my first and last
attempts somewhere on the course.  I did manage to get a 47.928 on my fourth
run.  not great but....
Warren struggled with the stinger -- too use to his roadster and the Roe
car.  Plus the new carb was still being tuned.  Warren did managed to get
down to a 44.740  which was only 2 tenth of a second slower than the SS
class vette.

But the best ran first.  Michael drove awesome.  He bested the times of all
the "fast" cars.  except the winged BM car and the sheet metal on wheels EM
car.  His best clean run was a 43.384.   Yes.  Michael pulled the borrowed
car trick and set the mark high.  On this day,  Michael was the better
driver.   <then again,  it could have been the carb acting up in the second
heat,  Michael did run the first heat, when it was cooler and and

Michael and Warren should be running the workers appreciation autocross on
16th street in Indy sunday november 6th.  Stop by and root for them.

tim mahler
#3 goodwrench car -- headed to the garage for some general maintenance and
maybe an improvement or three.

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