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> > this common?  Is there a quick fix, or am I about to pull the halves
> > again?
> > The block is a 66-110 if that makes any difference.
> > Cliff Tibbitts
> >
> > Hi Cliff,
> No, not common as far as I know. Ask the shop what they might have done.
> may have to separate the case to find out and correct. Possibly running a
> copper wire brush thru the holes might help. Something like a 12 ga
> cleaning brush.
> Regards,
> Bob Helt
Consider using a brush with the little abrasive balls on the ends of the
bristles ... they come in a zillion sizes and grits;;;; MSC carries them, or
a direct call to the company , if you beg, will get you odd sizes ... you
just chuck them up in an electric drill, and whiz them up ... they tend to
make round holes, and polish off high spots ... ( keep moving  ) I forget
the name of the brush co, but it's something like " Abrasive Brush co " ,,,
Google knows all, tells all ... (g) ..
Hope this helps, ken campbell, Iowa boor to boor brush salesman ...

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