<VV> Low Fuel Warning Light

Mike Kost vairmike at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 31 11:30:19 EST 2005

On `68 and `69 (not sure about `67) the light is double duty indicating 
both the parking brake engaged and pressure differential between the two 
circuits of the dual master cylinder.

Mike Kost

Jim Houston wrote:

> That was for the "Brake" warning light on the '68 and '69 models...  I 
> used mine for a parking brake light indicator...
> Jim Houston
> Brandon, FL
> Padgett wrote:
>> Was a "low fuel warning light" ever an option ? Reason I ask is 
>> because I came across a Monza instrument cluster that has a third 
>> warning light on the fuel gauge assembly located between the 
>> temp/press and the gen/fan warning lights.
>> The wire for the light terminates above the brown/wt gen/fan wire on 
>> the corner of the cluster connector where my 66 books show no 
>> connection. My suspicion that it is a "low fuel" warning is because 
>> the cluster is marked "tan" in that position and the wire is tan/wt 
>> which is generally used for gas gauges.
>> OTOH I see in grp 9.746 ("medallion") and 9.748 (lens") of the parts 
>> book  for 67-69 that also has "brake" listed so might be a parking 
>> brake indicator. Anyone know if that is what it is ? Might be useful.
>> Padgett 

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