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Mon Oct 31 17:10:27 EST 2005

I've used the HD8 on my turbo car. There's no Japanese carb that large,  
alas. But then again, there's only one!! 
The 2" Jag SU is actually a pretty decent carb. 
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pp2 at 6007.us writes:

>racer would put on a 2 inch SU  off a Jaguar or  something,

My oft faulty memory says there were three basic SUs - the  HD-4, 1 1/2" 
throat used on MGA, the HD-6, 1 3/4" throat, AH 3000, and the  HD-8, 2" 
throat, Jag E-type. They were good carbs when new but do not know  how they 
have aged. Believe there were also some Japanese knockoffs  also.


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