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Don't start the car again without doing some checks! Take off the valve
cover to check for a broken spring first, but if that's not it, it's likely
the dreaded dropped valve seat. If the seat breaks, pieces of it can go out
the exhaust valve and go through your turbo, destroying the exhaust turbine.

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Looking for a little advice. I have a newly rebuilt 150 turbo engine in my
car. When I installed the engine it ran fine but seemed a little sluggish
and also ran hotter than what I expected. I had not driven the car (or any
other Corvair) in almost 20 years, so I thought that perhaps my expectations
were too high. The big problem came the third time I drove it (home from the
Portland convention). On the way up a long hill, the engine was reading very
hot and then to make things worse the belt came off. I pulled over at the
next good spot (about a quarter of a mile later) and put the belt back on.
It started immediately, but from that point on there is an odd sort of
"clunk" coming from the engine and a dead miss. I did a compression check,
and cylinder #2 has zero compression. I'm a bit upset, I've spent 2 years
getting this thing road-ready from a near basketcase sitting in a field.
 So, the question is, what is the likely culprit? Valve? Valve spring?
Burned valve? Stuck lifter? Broken piston? What's the best way to narrow it
down from here?

-- Lonny
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