<VV> Re: VirtualVairs Digest, Vol 9, Issue 239

NicolCS at aol.com NicolCS at aol.com
Mon Oct 31 23:32:16 EST 2005

Well now, hold on there parnder...
There was a change in the switch and wiring in 68 that resulted in an acutal 
different switch.  Starting somewhere around '68, the parking lights stay ON 
when the headlights are ON.  In earlier models, the parking lights go OFF when 
the headlights were ON.  I suspect that GM didn't mind using this 
improved-safety switch for earlier LM cars and consolidated the part numbers. This issue 
is irrespective of the instrument lamp theory which may have caused pre '67 
models to have different switches for Monzas and Corsas.

 I was referring the the number of INSTRUMENT lamps, which some pinheaded 
engineer might want to match to the rheostat's resistance curve, this 
specification change would cause seemingly identical switches to have different part 

My money is on what Craig said--something to do with the
number of lights in the circuit, especially since there appears to have been
a different switch originally for '68 and '69 Corvairs--which corresponds to
the side marker lights being present.

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