<VV> still confused about PG, Diff swap LM to EM

Brent Covey brentcovey at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 1 12:01:28 EDT 2006

Hi Bob-

> I am still a bit confused about swapping a LM Flex Plate, Torque
Converter, Differential, and PG to an EM bellhousing.  I have a tired 110 HP
engine with perfectly working TC, Diff and PG  and want to put those parts
onto a fresh 102 HP engine with an EM bellhousing. Can I make this swap onto
the 102 and do I need the EM flex plate or the LM flex plate with the 1/8

To use the 1960-1963 140-145 engine with the 1964-1969 (late) Powerglide
transaxle, use the early flexplate (without the extra hole). The automatic
transaxle was not changed for the new engines, only the curvature of the
flexplate to compenate for the different crank nose length. Manual trans
cars have a variety of different items for the different clutch but
Powerglides are pretty similar excepting the flexplate.

There are no other issues- hope that helps!
Brent Covey
Vancouver BC

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