Sholder belts, was: <VV> Tire size/RPM & seatbelts

airvair airvair at
Sat Jul 1 15:28:22 EDT 2006

You could try a salvaged pair out of a late '68 or '69. But if you are
interested in also maintaining stock appearance, be advised that
previous belts were of a different design than the above mentioned
years. I am bringing a set of factory '67 sholder belts to the SCG
meeting at the convention this year. They ARE markedly different! Not to
mention rare, also.

BTW, anyone have a '69 coupe with verifiable factory REAR sholder belts?
I'd like some details.

I'm also interested in obtaining a second-design '67 or '68 pair of
front retractors for a gold interior. Have black or '67 blue to trade,
if necessary.


Mark Banias wrote:
> I'd like to add should belts to my '66. I remember my mothers '68
> Chevelle (yes, with a 4 speed!) had them as an option and they were
> mounted along the roof line. They were stationary, so when you combined
> them with the lap belt and pulled those suckers tight, you weren't going
> anywhere. Clark's has them; any input on proper mounting?
> Mark Banias
> '66 Sprint
> mbanias at

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