<VV> still confused about PG, Diff swap LM to EM

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Sat Jul 1 21:37:21 EDT 2006

At 08:49 hours 06/30/2006, Robert O'Brien wrote:

>Hello VV again,
>I am still a bit confused about swapping a LM Flex Plate, Torque 
>Converter, Differential, and PG to an EM bellhousing.  I have a 
>tired 110 HP engine with perfectly working TC, Diff and PG  and want 
>to put those parts onto a fresh 102 HP engine with an EM 
>bellhousing. Can I make this swap onto the 102 and do I need the EM 
>flex plate or the LM flex plate with the 1/8 hole?  Your feed back 
>is appreciated.  I'd love to get my Lakewood back on the road with a 
>fresh engine but I am a bit stumped right now.  Thanks for your help,

Pretend it's all the same because for all intents and purposes, it 
is.   You'll have no problems.

The only difference is a slight seal mounting change in the late vs 
early belhousings.    The difference pertains to the relationship 
between the rear main seal and the crankshaft and has no discernable 
effect on hooking up early engines to late drivelines or vice-versa, 
done it numerous times without any issues particularly when it's 
involving a Powerglide.

By the way:   Any Corvair torque converter will fit any Corvair 

You *Will* have some issues with the yokes on the late transaxle 
which do not slip in and out like the early yokes.    It's possible 
to effect some mods to the late transaxle that will allow you to use 
it, no problems.    I knew of one guy who just removed the yokes and 
bolts and used the early yokes, no problems...  but I'd be concerned 
about what the bolts thread into and whether or not whatever it is 
would stay wherever it was without the bolts.    It's been so long 
since I was inside a late differential (been in LOTS of earlies) that 
I can't remember what's there.



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