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Happy  Canada Day to all our Canadian members! Canada is in it's 139 Th  year!

I am here in Ontario with my family. I went to a classic car show  this 
morning and saw an old MG (1953) a Valiant Convert a Fargo pick up as  well as some 
1930's coupes and sedans. Did they ever sell the Fargo in the  USA?
The Fargo was sold in the USA.  Only here it was called a Dodge. In  Canada 
pronounced ....   DO JAY

I saw a Smart car on my drive up the Niagara Parkway on Friday.  Neat car.

I saw one recently on the 15 Freeway in Ontario (California that is) an he  
was next to a 
semi at the time.
Two words...
... No Thanks

To  the Americans on the list, I hope that you all enjoy the 4 th. 

I get  to celebrate both holidays, as I will be headed back to CT shortly to 
buckle  down on my sedan.
I get to celebrate by going to work. The health care industry never  
sleeps... At least doesn't
get caught.

I am sure the questions will start soon.

Does anyone  have a favourite electric fuel pump with a shut off circuit in 
the event of an  accident?

Say no to vapour lock is my desire.

Regards,  Garth

I use electric fuel pumps on all my cars. So far I've never installed an  
automatic cut off.
I'ts the rebel in me I guess. I like to live on the edge.
Tim  Abney
Inland Empire Corvair Club

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