<VV> selling my corsa

Bruce Bacher bbacher at insightbb.com
Mon Jul 3 11:43:17 EDT 2006

1965 Corvair Corsa, 180 hp

In Greenwood, IN (south of Indianapolis), for pickup only.

The pictures were taken before I bought it and cleaned it up.  They give a
good idea of the condition of the body, but it's been washed since then.

The interior is in very good shape.  Not perfect, but I think not too hard
to fix with some upholstery tools.  I have the original radio, but the hole
in the dash where it was installed has been converted to hold a modern
stereo unit.

The car runs pretty well, but the turbo doesn't boost.  It can be hard to
start, and it smells like gasoline when you park it.  I think it needs
carburetor work.  Until recently (when I bought a motorcycle) I was driving
it to work on nice days.

I had a Corvair-savvy mechanic check it out right after I bought it, and he
pronounced it safe to drive.  The suspension is old of course, but strong.
The brakes are good.  I put a new set of Firestone tires on it, so they're
fine.  I replaced the clutch "cable" last October.

I had it treated at "Rust-Chek" last year.  They sprayed the underside,
inside the doors, inside the rocker panels, etc.  The hinges everywhere were
much smoother after that.

It does leak oil, and there's some oil on the right rear grill (see pics).

It was involved in an accident a few years ago before I bought it.  The rear
bumper was bent around on the right side and poked a hole in the body there
(see pics).  I have since removed that old bumper and obtained another one,
but it hasn't been installed.  It is included in the sale.

You'll see a luggage rack in the pics.  I have taken it off, but I still
have it and it's included.

The points have been removed before I bought it, and it has an electronic
replacement.  I don't know the brand.

I replaced the plugs and plug wires.  The battery is just a couple of years

I have every reference book and manual I could get my hands on, and they're
all included in the sale.

I'm asking $3500 for the lot.

That's all I can think to say about it....  If you want more info, let me


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