<VV>Help finding wheel (not Corvair)

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Mon Jul 3 14:41:27 EDT 2006

Today a caliper came loose on my daily driver and did something I have 
never seen before, it punched a hole in one of my wheels. Problem is that 
the wheel is an aftermarket set from 2001 and is not made any more.

See http://padgett.performanceresearch.us/files/eum5.jpg for a picture.

Wheel is a  "Etoria by Enkei" style 5 aka EUM5 p/n 13416707SM in 16x7 with 
38 mm offset. Has a dual 5x100 and 5x115 bolt pattern.

Need one but will consider more. If any are sighted please let me know.


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