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> They commonly get left out by body guys after fixing rear body damage.  I 
> feel they ought to be there.  Not everyone agrees.  Not overly hard to find, 
> but I doubt you'd want to pay shipping charges on them.
> Later, JR

JR brings up a good point.  Why would you want to eliminate something that 
reduces torsional stress on a 40 year old car?  I say put them back in--the cars 
can take the extra weight at the back end of the "frame" more easily that the 
stress of undamped vibration.  If you are autocrossing the car you can 
compensate for the rear weight more easily than body twist and shake.  My rule of 
thumb has been that if GM put the part on our cars (which were much more 
expensive to build than the comparable Camaro or Nova) it must have been needed.

Bob Hall
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