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Tim Verthein minoxphotographer at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 4 16:56:27 EDT 2006

Cripes....just thought of a workaround...at least, if you're in

here in MN, you are only required to have a REAR plate on your
collector car.  this definition, by the way, includes a heck of a LOT
of cars.  The law is written so it includes many cars, and they do not
have to be registered as collector cars, etc....they can have a regular
plate...but must qualify as a collector car.

So..you can put your regular, state issued plate on the back, and put
anything you want on the front.  Lots of people go with the Chevy
Hearrtbeat logo, or the Dukes os Hazzard "X", etc. You can have made
(or make your own) a plate that says whatever the heck you want it to
say and stick it on the front.  Pretty much the same as having a bumper
sticker that says whatever you want!  Of course, I have read news
stories about people getting busted for obscene bumperstickers too. 
But..it's an idea. 

'Might wanna look at:

but THIS place makes real looking replicas....

Tim in Bovey

You *can* repair a flip-flop with a capacitor!

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