<VV> Tony's newest mechanic friend?

LonzoVair at aol.com LonzoVair at aol.com
Tue Jul 4 18:50:58 EDT 2006

Hey guys, 
I was watching the news last night and noticed a monkey was  roaming loose in 
the woods of Roanoke, VA.... the only thing I could picture  after that was 
Tony, driving around with that little monkey as his sidekick...  kinda like 
that pirate captain from the first "Pirates of the Caribbean"  movie...
I think Tony would make a great pirate captain....
Did they catch it Tony? (For those who don't know, it had escaped from the  
Well, I've made up my mind to finally get some work done on the two 'briers  
I've got.... I plan on starting that tomorrow, between rain showers... it's 
been  bloody-awful hot here... mid 90s with 65%-75% humidity, and that's before 
the  rain!
Y'all have a wonderful, and safe 4th of July... and lets be thankful for  
those visionaries who signed that old piece of paper that Thomas Jefferson wrote  
230 years ago.
God bless y'all, and God bless America...
Lonzo... three legged flag waver.... (still using a cane)  

Lon Anderson  in White Mills, KY
CORSA, Corvanatics, Derby City Corvair, Central Ky  Corvair
Quart Low Quarterly Editor
1961 Greenbrier 110/pg...  getting worked on soon!
1963 Greenbrier 110/4spd.... ditto
1964 700 sedan  95/pg..... needs a rear wheel bearing
1969 Monza 110/pg..... running GREAT!  Thanks gang!

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