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P.H. Raker n556p at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 4 21:02:37 EDT 2006

> From: Stephen Upham <contactsmu at sbcglobal.net>
> I've also heard that the late sedan body is stiffer than the late 
> coupe, but because the opening for the doors (all four combined) is 
> larger in the sedan, it seems somewhat illogical.
> Hoping it's true anyway.

Hi, Steve,
     I suspect that it probably is true.  Look at the rear roof pillars
("C-pillars") on the Coupe compared to the Sedan.  The sedan's are
significantly more substantial.  The extra pillar width in the fore-aft
direction would add lots of bending stiffness to the total structure. 
It might be enough to over-balance stiffness reduction from the larger
door openings, especially with all doors closed.  That's why station
wagons are often much stiffer than sedans or coupes - remember the guys
who raced Volvo wagons at about the time our 'Vairs were made?  Even
though the wagon was heavier, the extra stiffness made them handle so
much better that they would average a higher speed around a road

     Phil Raker
     '65 Corsa Cpe 140

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