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I have sent a note out to all Corvair people listed on Virtual Vairs to see if someone will provide an early and late model seat for you to examine. Clarks Corvair and Corvair Underground manufacture parts for Corvairs and may be interested too.


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  Bob Vukas:


  We might be able to accommodate you. We manufacture a variety of retractable armrests that attach to the driver's seat frame. We would need to see a seat to see if we can make a bracket to fit properly. 


  Thank you for your e-mail.



  Michael Trueba Jr.



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  Corvair people, with early models (1960-1964 and late models (1965-1969) would all love to have add on center armrests. The logical attachment to me would be to have them swing down attached to the sides of the bucket seats like airplane armrests do. Does this type of thing interest you?




  Bob Vukas

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