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Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 5 15:50:09 EDT 2006

If it has as much Corvair content as this thread, probably not.
  Chuck Kubin

Rt66Vairs at aol.com wrote:
In a message dated 7/4/2006 6:12:46 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, pp2 at 6007.us 

> > Bagdad CAFE

For those with STARZ, Bagdad Cafe will play next on July 9 at 10 pm (EDT) 
on Encore Drame. Is making the rounds so will be showing for a while. 
Watched about 30 minutes last night but was kinda slow. Is there a 
redeeming value ?


You might try the entire movie.

As with most the redemption DOES NOT appear in the first 30 minutes

Tim Abney

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