<VV> Shipping (freight) alternative

Marc Sheridan sheridanma at adelphia.net
Wed Jul 5 17:50:08 EDT 2006

I have never shipped anything by bus for myself, but I have for a company I 
used to work for. In our case we would sometimes ship stuff to the home 
office, which was only 80 miles away, so it got there a couple of hours 
after the bus left the depot. The only downside is, it only goes as far as 
the bus stop. Somebody has to go there to pick it up.

Marc Sheridan

>I had heard of shipping by bus (Grayhound in this
> case)-- today I shipped a differential to the other
> side of Texas- and it will be there TODAY-- 78 lbs in
> a cardboard box --$35.00 (1/2 UPS).
> I ask the agent about shipping larger items
> (doors)--no problem!  Wrap 'em in cardboard.
> Don Manen

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