<VV> Who says I don't have an early?

TimogensTurbo at aol.com TimogensTurbo at aol.com
Thu Jul 6 09:51:38 EDT 2006

The car is basically stock mechanically underneath....the 140 appears to have 
good compression.

The Hood and "Clamshell Engine lids" are hydraulically operated using the 
Corvair Vert Top Pump.

Wiring is hidden under the dash....car was completed at one time!

The 2 trophies that came with the car are from the Anaheim Convention Center 
shows of the mid 70's.

Needless to say no rust [ Black plate Cal car]  and few miles on the chassis.

Matt Nall
stocker, mod, v8, turbo, boat, Sandcar
Timogen was a softy!

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