<VV> Donut Spare Tire

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Fri Jul 7 10:33:00 EDT 2006

I use a space saver spares in a couple of my vairs.  Never had to use
them yet but always understood that if I had a flat in the rear I would
have to change two tires.

Since I have Posi, I would move one good full size tire from the front
to the rear and put the space saver on the front and drive slowly to
home or the nearest tire repair store.

With a posi rear end you want both rear tires spinning the same speed or
you can cause undue wear on the posi, so putting a smaller space saver
spare on one side with the full size tire on the other would be an

If you look around in wrecking yards at the 90's GM performance cars,
(IE Iroc's and such) you can find an alum rimmed space saver.  I wish I
could recall which year and model, but they are standard GM bolt pattern
and bolt right onto the LM vair,  Smaller and lighter. 

Rick Loving

Subject: Re: <VV> Donut Spare Tire

But seriously, don't use one on a posi axle. You might burn out the


"John H. Green" wrote:
> I ran across a space saver spare tire from a late 1970s Chevy. I tried
it on our 1965 Monza, and it fits.
> Is there a problem using this as my spare? I like the idea of taking
up less space.
> John Green
> 1965 Monza 110/4

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