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Yesterday, it was billowing blue smoke in all the above  situations.  It has 
done this before but usually not as severe.   Why  sometimes and not other 
times?  I am not imagining things or  nuts yet but sometimes I wonder.  

Hi Dennis,
Apparently no one has responded so I'll give it a shot.
The problem is the cylinders. They sometimes take out-of-round shapes  
depending on their temperature. This is especially true for cylinders that have  
been rebored oversize. Sometimes even a torque plate when  being bored had  
little effect. 
Several people have reported on this. Ray Sedman uses a TP, but has  measured 
something like 2 thou due just to installation stress and temp (if I  
remember correctly). As  I understand it, the current recommendation is to  bore and 
hone with the cylinders HOT. 
Also Chet Reed suggested a simple test. He said to take a cylinder  
(especially an oversize one) and place it on a work surface. Then mount an  inside bore 
gauge inside the bore so that it is pressing against opposite  sides on the 
bore and is supporting itself. Then take both hands and press on  the outside 
of the cylinder 90 deg from the gauge. In doing so the gauge  will likely drop 
out of the cylinder by its own weight. The answer is  that your hands have 
distorted the bore emough to dislodge  the gauge. 
I hope that this helps.
Bob Helt

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