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 The clutch pack makes the rear axle act like a solid axle in straight-ahead
 travel. It's always "engaged", therefore, there's always power going to
 wheels. This is great for power transfer to the ground, until you try to
 turn a corner. That's what the clutch is for, to allow different wheel
 speeds in a corner, by slipping, while still applying power to both wheels.
 Also, when one wheel slips, the clutch pack slips, but still provides some
 power to the non-slipping wheel.
 The effect of having two different size tires on a posi axle is that it
 thinks that the car is turning constantly, and slips to compensate for the
 different wheel speeds. This constant slipping will tend to overheat the
 pack, which causes it to gall and wear excessively.
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 > Correct me if I'm wrong.
 > The clutch pack in a posi is designed to send power to the slower turning
> wheel.  With one wheel a different diameter it would be constantly engaged
 > and trying to deal with the different wheel speeds of the two different
 > diammeter wheels due to the undersized donut spare.
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