<VV> Removal of Corsa C Emblem

bmooers at farniente.com bmooers at farniente.com
Fri Jul 7 14:48:36 EDT 2006

I am having trouble removing the Corsa C emblems from the rear panels of 
my 66 Corsa Conv. I have taped around them so that I do not scratch the 
paint, I have also sprayed them with WD40 to loosen and corrosion etc - 
but they are stuck on there! Tried pulling on them with vice grips and 
pliers.....Any ideas of how to get them loosened would be helpful - a 
simple project  - but boy - they wont budge!

I do not think they have ever been off of the car. It is an early 66 - 
those should be held in with push pins correct??
Bruce C. Mooers

66 Corsa Conv
63 Spyder Conv

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