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> To the carb guru's out there in 'Vair land:
> My late year production 65 Corsa 140 (with the 66 style carb linkages from
the factory) has developed a problem.  Right side of the engine seems to run
very rich.  But problem is intermittent.
Do some easy things first.  If it does it often, carry a plug wrench and
pull over and check the plugs right after it does it.
If it doesn't happen often enough, check those plugs anyway,
If you have fluttering or broken rings, or eeek a holed piston,  the excess
oil will tend to burn onto the plug.
If it's excess fuel, you may see carbon or a wet plug right after the
episode, but not so much after several minutes of normal running.
Also, if it's a carb problem, the whole bank of plugs will tend to show the
same problem.  If Just one bad cylinder problem hopefully will look
different than it's brothers.
Some oil smoke can be more white than blue, most "rich" smoke will be black.
Also check that your choke is behaving, and not going " on" when hot ...
this would certainly enrichen your mixture (g) ...   might consider just
disconnecting that choke, you don't need it in the summer anyway, at least
for testing.  If you disconnect it, wire the choke "open all the way" so it
won[t flop or suck to closed.
Then the next test might be to trade the left and right primary carburetors,
this is about the same degree of difficulty as pulling the one carb apart
and inspecting it; but a little safer as far as losing parts (g).  If you do
pull it apart, check that the air vents are clear, and the main jet is not
loose.  I doubt the problem is in the low speed feeders, besides they
usually plug up, not feed too much ...
I can[t imagine why one bank wouldnt be sparking too good, although plugs
about 3 heat ranges too cold certainly might run rough.
One real long shot is to check your air filter system, I once had an engine
with cleaner plugged so bad it would hardly run at all.... acted just like a
big choke.  Maybe a mouse in the air tube to one bank?
Hope some of this helps, ken campbell, iowuh

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