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Hi Mike,

Well the "convention" name tag supposedly serves a purpose of security.  It 
allows those who paid the convention registration fee into such areas as the 
hospitality room and the vendor area.  If that is really enforced is a 
different question.  But, someone from the host club would have the right to 
question you if you are just wearing your club ID and not the Convention ID 
while snacking on treats in the hospitality area.

Later, JR

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> I'm with you JR, I don't see the need for a seperate VV nametag.  I'll be 
> at the get-together but I haven't asked for a nametag because I don't want 
> one.  I've already got our club nametag and that's usually what I wear at 
> shows, it has a clip instead of a pin.  Sharp things scare me. :)
> mike

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