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The diameter of the gear 'barrel'  is .655" that fits inside the 
yoke-clearance hole of about .681" id, maybe a half inch deep.  The barrel 
portion of the nut sticks down about 1/4" from the gear portion of the nut. 
Now the LM yoke is about 3.91" oa length from inside machined portion to 
inner end. If it is shorter than yours, you need to shorten yours.  Or, why 
not use a LM yoke?

Good Luck

Chuck S

Won't hurt to leave it inside.
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Could be the problem. The carrier came off the used parts shelf of a club
member.  It could have easily been mis-tagged as an early.  Do I understand
you to say I can drill out the end of my yoke and it will clear.  I wouldn't
think it would cause a problem, as far as strength is concerned.  I HATE to
think of pulling the drive train out again.  UGH!

Jim Corey
63 Vert
64 Coupe
Both daily drivers

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Bet it is more like 3/8" ... Is this a late carrier?

The early diffs have a yoke which doesn't bolt into the diff carrier. I will

bet you money, you have a late carrier with what I call a gear nut, the
geared circular "nut" whose gear teeth on its perimeter engage the inside of

the side gear splines. The other side of this gear nut, with clearance,
rides on the pinion/spyder gear shaft. The center of this "nut" is threaded
for the long bolt of a LM which holds the yoke in. If this is the "case",
you can either shorten the yoke spline, drill it out 7/16th ",  or take it
apart and remove the gear nut.  Look in there and see if it looks like a
circular piece. There should be a circular shoulder which might be hard to
see, looking end on, which goes into the hole in the splined yoke.

Good Luck.

Let us know what the cause is.

Chuck S
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Subject: <VV> Diff problems

I replaced the differential assembly in my 64 coupe to correct damage done
to pinion splines when driver's side real axle pulled out. .  I got a
substitute diff assembly with a bad ring
gear.  Replaced the ring gear, and installed assembly in my case, to avoid
total dissembly of my diff.  ... Right axle
(short carrier) went in fine.  Driver's side (the side that was damaged)
axle won't go in all the way.  The u-joint carrier seems to bottom out into
the pinion splines about ½ inch out. That is, u-joint carrier won't go in
far enough to allow axle bearing plate to be bolted in place.

I'd appreciate input before I pull the drive train, and disassemble the
differential again.

Jim Corey

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