<VV> Help needed in desparate battle on the Internet

Norman C. Witte ncwitte at wittelaw.com
Mon Jul 10 13:08:11 EDT 2006

It looks like I got a little situation here.  Eric Elliott started a website
called "motortopia" and asked VV members to sign up.  I did, along with a
few other VV members.  It's actually a very nice site.  You can list your
cars, and challenge others to mortal battle in which members vote and decide
who wins.


It didn't turn out to be quite the Corvair haven I expected.  A bunch of
guys with F-cars and Monte Carlos signed up, and I'm ok with that since I
also own a Firebird, but the Corvair contingent was disappointing.  Despite
that, it's been fairly entertaining so far.


Anyway, the other day a guy with a Monte Carlo SS challenged my red Corsa
coupe and, needless to say, I am losing.  So I am hoping that a bunch of you
will sign up and go vote for my car.


Here's a link to the challenge:




While you're there, maybe you'll put some pictures of your Corvair up.




Norm Witte


P.S.  The good news is that my Massey Ferguson 50 tractor is creaming a
Mustang Cobra.  There is justice in this world!


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