Improving Turbo Mileage Re: <VV> Gas Prices

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Mon Jul 10 14:36:41 EDT 2006

    On local driving that's quite normal.  I was  also getting 18 mpg on my 
daily drive back and forth to work until I installed  vacuum advance on the 
distributor.  That change alone increased the mileage  on that same trip to 22 
mpg, an improvement of over 20%.  For details see  the chapter on Turbocharging 
in the Corvair Basics Manual.
    Of course if you do this your Spyder will no longer  be exactly as it 
came from the factory.<GGGG>
    Frank "stock is a good BEGINNING" Burkhard
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billpat at writes:

Since  there has been a spurt of info on the price of gas, how about 1.14 
a LITER  for Shell 91. You can figure the per gallon cost but then again 
this is in  Alberta, Canada where the black stuff comes from or at least 
a lot of  it.  Last fill up allowed me to calculate mileage on the 63 
Turbo  Spyder and it came out at 18.5 mpg.  Is that reasonable or should 
it  do better?  Anybody.
Bill Kronen

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