<VV> Moving....

Ryan Verthein daretocorvair at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 20:01:58 EDT 2006

Hey everyone.

  Just a note to everyone that I'm moving to Kansas on
Thursday, and will probably not be on the internet for
up to 3 weeks.  If I can get to a computer or a
library or whatever that will be good, but any
responses won't be quick!

  Until Thursday though, I'm open!  haha

Vair content: a cleaning of my 8 plate oil cooler, and
the mouting of my spare, tools, and jack in the engine
comp...  Fixed my glove box so it works now...  I
should be good to go!


1965 Monza Sedan 110/3
"164 ci of Flat Six Fury" (Lates rule)

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