<VV> Gas Price Question - Slight Corvair

Bob & Kathy Gilbert bgilbert at redshift.bc.ca
Mon Jul 10 22:44:30 EDT 2006



Just curious: has anybody out there in Corvair land sat down and calculated
what fuel costs were on a cost per mile basis back in say '66 (my car's
year) vs. now in equivalent dollars?


As bad as multi-dollar per gallon (heck even dollar plus per liter here in
Canada!) gas sounds I wonder if it is really that much worse than say 40
years ago once you factor in inflation and use some constant metric such as
cost per mile? 


I'd do it but I don't know what the rate of inflation has been cumulatively
over the last 40 years. Are there any economists out there with access to
this information?



66 180



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