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I just did a google search on gas prices adjusted for inflation.  The highest prices in 2006 dollars was in 1981 at 3.07 a gallon (note: this is the average not the peak).  In 1966 it was just shy of 2.00 a gallon.  Another interesting side note is the amount of tax that has been added since then.  I find it interesting that the government makes over twice the money off of a gallon than the oil companies do.  Corvair Content:  I just filled up my Rampside with premium at 2.98 a gallon.

Jim Dallas
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  Gas in  the mid 60's was around $0.30 per gallon.

  Later,  JR

  What I find funny is I can remember paying a low 48 cents/gallon back in  
  high school... 1983-1985... I also remember paying about 70 cents in town,  
  too.... gas was always higher in Louisville.... but I was driving a 68 VW Beetle  
  (auto stick shift, TOO!) and getting in the 26-30 mpg range.... all the time  
  lusting after those Air Cooled Chevys.... finally got one in 1990, haven't been 
   without one since...

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