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Tue Jul 11 06:23:24 EDT 2006

i have been running a homebrew vent system for a long time. i brazed an  
orfice that i removed from the pipe that goes to the base of the aircleaner from  
a 110 later engine onto the pcv pipe from an early . leaving the pcv valve off 
 and putting the hose right on the orfice makes it act like a late system 
with my  early fc aircleaners. it also allows me to play with the orfice size. i 
did  drill it out slightly but cant remember the size. i have this on 3 
engines here  now and others i have built over the years with no known problems. i 
think the  engines  are all bored at least .020 most were .060.  my rampy has  
.030 with octane cut pistons , it needs tweaking after i get settled in better 
 at my new digs. i run a 95 pg distrib with one spring removed and electronic 
 ignition.  if parked on a slight slope near one of my old buildings and  
started up warm it smokes for a second...so i think valve guides on the 140  
heads i put on it for now might not be perfect , but there are new seals on them  
so...who knows , i just keep flogging it and checking the oil. this weekend is 
 streetrod nats in syracuse (a large show !)so  i will run it thru the car  
wash and show up i guess , smoke or not.more as i get time.
regards, tim colson

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